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Blog post nr.1; #Blog calendar

During the next twelve months, as part of the marketing program for the book The Rise of Industrial 3D-Printing, and for everyone interested in becoming more familiar with the business, strategy and investment aspects of 3D-Printing and Additive Manufacturing, monthly blog articles will be published on this website.
The topics that will be covered throughout the year are:
  • May: Trends impacting the advancement and adoption of Industrial 3D-Printing.
  • June: How traditional production and manufacturing companies can benefit from Industrial 3D-Printing.
  • July: The advantages and disadvantages of Industrial 3D-Printing.
  • August: Measuring costs and value of Industrial 3D-Printing.
  • September: Why Industrial 3D-Printing is considered disruptive.
  • October: Industrial 3D-Printing in distribution and logistics.
  • November: Industrial 3D-Printing in retail and the consumer goods sector.
  • December: New service and business concepts building on Industrial 3D-Printing.
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